A Little About Me

I received my Professional Photography diploma from the New York Institute of Photography in 2010, where I learned all things technical. I have taken and continue to take workshops and classes, always striving to learn more and improve my skills. I also took an animal handling and behaviour course at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in 2013. I am a knowledge junkie!

While our pets are only with us for a short time, their impact lasts a lifetime. What better way to celebrate your best friend than to capture it’s image and personality in a piece of artwork that we can admire for years? This is where I come in.


I’m the one who you’ll find down on the floor if there’s a dog or cat around. I love, love, love animals! As someone who considers my pets an extension of family, I value the memories that I can look back on with each of them who has enriched my life.


I have had countless pets of all types and was very active in dog rescue and dog and cat fostering. There is nothing better than a slobbery dog kiss or having a cat rub around your legs!


In honour of the animals in need and the people that tirelessly help them, I donate a part of all proceeds to local rescue groups in and around Edmonton. I also volunteer my services to some local rescues, taking images for the adoptable animals’ profile pages.


For the love of Dog
For the love of Dog
For the love of Dog